Travel Advisory

In order to provide their clients the highest travel experience possible, Book in Istanbul Hotel Agency offers their customers some of the most detailed statistics when creating an offer.

Among the important details provided are:

  • Price
  • Views
  • Dining Places
  • Suite or Executive Room
  • Destination’s Highlights
  • Special Services

Unforgettable moments and views

Regardless your chosen destination for your trip, the provides to their customers a wide range of hotels and free rooms right in the heart of the most beautiful and visited cities across the world.

Thus, by traveling with them you are always able to book yourself rooms with wonderful city views, right in the heart of the most electric parties given in those cities.

Experience the ultimate cultural and social features of your destination, taste their mentality and enrich your natural karma with the beauties of the worldwide varieties.

History Presentations about your Destinations

Choosing to have special session of travel advisory with our professional and well-prepared staff will grant you an extraordinary presentation about your desired destination history, along with a short word about its main attractions.

The short tutorial will include:

  • Museums to visit
  • Parks to have a stroll in
  • Club’s to party
  • Pub’s to go in
  • Other main attractions specific for each city

Prepare yourself to have a stunning experience and to pass from the early age when people used horse powered carriages to move from one place to another to the modern days in which the cultural enrichment of any city of the world exploded in museums and the technological development is reflected in the number of skyscrapers whose top looks like never to be reached.

Dining Places

For the persons whose dining standards are very high, Book in Istanbul Hotel Agency offers trough the Travel Advisory program the complete list of restaurants in any destination you may choose to go.

Along with them, each restaurant will be market with the rated level of price-quality ratio, so that you are able to make yourself an idea about the money required to be spent by you on food.

Also, at request, they can provide for the most detailed persons, the list of Michelin rated restaurants. You can reach them and pre-order the desired food, or you can just establish or book a table for your special meeting.

Please consider the fact that Travel Advisory is a feature brought to you by an affiliate company to Book in Istanbul Agency and any problems related to them must be stated therefore.