Private Events

One top rated feature appreciated by all clients of a booking agency has been introduced to Book in Istanbul: Private Events. Wheatear you are planning to have a small 2-3 people event or a giant party, their professional trained staff is ready to give you all the required details in order to create the perfect environment for your special day.

Starting from important details like the location, the required music and the food to be provided to this event, to the small and very detailed aspects to be considered, all these facts are assured by their “Private Events” staff team. In the next section, I will present you the steps needed to be taken in order to throw one big fat party.

Step 1: Provide the number of participants and the purpose of the event

The first step in order to search and inquire information about your event is to provide us the number of people w that will attend your event.

In this manner, they will be able to provide you some attractive selections of the remained aspects that need to be covered when it comes to having the best memories.

Step 2: Choose your destination / location

After you provided them the number of people that will come to your party, the Private Events team will ask you about your city destination of the event.

According to your answer, they will be able to select some top ballrooms or private cameras for you to choose from.

Step 3: Choose the desired music style

Depending on your event occasion, you must select the desired music type to be played during your party. Wheatear you like country or classic music, or you choose the dance and house style, their professional staff are able to provide you a music selection with the best songs of your desired category.

Step 4: Select the food variety present at your event

Last but not least, you are requested to choose the variety of food that you will have on your tables.

Starting with the aperitifs and reaching at the main course and the desert, everything must be very well organized in order to offer to your guests the best experience they ever had during their lives.

After all these steps had been established and all the required additional information has been provided, you only have to sit down, relax, and enjoy the work performed by Book in Istanbul Hotel “Private Events” professional team.

For sure, their standards will rise up to your expectations and you will receive the best treatment possibly to be offered. Have a try with them and I promise you won’t be disappointed!