Book in Istanbul Hotel Agency is a well-known agency worldwide, being highly appreciated by clients from all social classes. In order to plan and establish a well organized schedule for your trip, you can reach them at any time on official phone number stated here, or simply go to their headquarter and meet their professional Customer Care team.

Book in Istanbul Hotel Agency

Mimar Hayrettin, No: 22

34130 Fatih / Istanbul

Phone: +23-912-222454

Fax: +23-912-222676


Customer Care Support Team


After reaching headquarters you are able to visualize all the current offers available for you, or you may create your own special package suited your needs. In case the information provided are highly detailed for your knowledge, you are welcome to take part of a free consult session provided by their Customer Care Support Team.

At them, you can find precious information about prices, special features, locations to visit in your destinations and directions on how to improve your travel experience by participating to operas and visiting parks and museums, or go to a party.



The Beginning: Hotels in Istanbul


At first, Book in Istanbul Hotel started just as a simple agency, uniting all the major hotels in Istanbul, one of the most visited cities in Turkey. As the booking requests increased in number, the general director, Surman Thafar, decided to expand his business in order to cover pensions and resorts from al Turkey.

On this purpose has been created the Newcomers Affiliate Program, which sustains the integrity of new hotel chains into their application.

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For their regular clients, a newsletter has been introduced on their website in order to fulfill each client’s desires. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you will receive on your personal email weekly typed information about the current offers running on their agency and about all the special promotions available.

By subscribing to the newsletter, you will also be able to enter the restricted video area, where you can watch promotional clips about some of their top clients experiences and city tour presentations about the top destinations from all around the world.

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Stay tuned up to their latest offers and promotions by downloading the official app designed by developers. Trough it you can select your favorite travel plan, book any room you desire, see all the information about their current offers and subscribe to their volunteer program.

Basically, you can do whatever you desire by all means of communication. All what remains for you to do is to find a destination and enjoy their top rated programs in order to relax yourself and to experience new cultural and social ideas.