When it comes to booking a hotel room for your holiday trip there is no other agency to contact rather than at www.bookinistanbulhotels.com . Don’t hesitate because of the name, as this giant reservation company started in Istanbul, since the name of it, and expanded so much that they cover nowadays more than 80% of the hotel chains from all around the globe.

Beside their extraordinaire offers provided to their users, there are also some special programs to be part of. All of these will be presented in the following sections of this page, so take great care and find the one that best suits your conception.

Book in Istanbul Care Foundation

In order to provide to their user the best experience from all agencies on the market, this company created a special care foundation that gathers volunteers from all around the world.

The purpose of it consists in creating a clean and health environment in the major city attractions of the world, so that clients who book rooms in those countries can have the best cultural and social experience possible.

Some of the most appreciated missions performed so far are:

  • Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  • Cleaning and planting new trees in Alexandra Gardens, one of the most beautiful and big parks in this country
  • Bruxelles, BELGIUM
  • This mission had the goal of cleaning the wastes from The Sonian Forest, highly appreciated for its clean air and relaxing places
  • Luanda, ANGOLA
  • Big improvements has been made also in this city, especially at Fortaleza de Sao Miguel Museum, where their volunteers helped at redesigning and enriching the national patrimony

Membership Trip Plans

If you are a business man and travels to different cities are a routine for you, Book in Istanbul Hotel Association provides you some very interesting to mention membership plans, in order to reward their devoted clients with all sorts of discounts and special promotion.

At this moment, the available membership trip plans are:

  • Basic User Plan
  • $0,00 / month
  • This plan addresses the newcomers in order to benefit of the consultancy feature of the agency
  • Business Plan
  • $5,99 / month
  • Specially designed for users that book rooms at least 3 times a year
  • Offers special 10%, 20% and 30% discounts to different types of packages and features
  • Enterprise Plan
  • $19.99 / month
  • Perfectly for traveling groups of minimum 3 persons
  • Assures rooms booked at the same hotel and floor for each person
  • Provides very attractive discounts, up to free rooms, if the group is enlarged

New Entries Affiliate Program

For the new created hotels and pensions from all around the world, www.bookinistanbulhotels.com provides a program that sustains and is interested about their needs.

Wheatear you are a small local hotel or you are an international resorts chain, this agency specialists will reach you and will approach you with some interesting contracts, important to be noticed, in order to publish your offer on their website.

Being a win-win offer, the deal is unbeatable due to its own nature and stats!