Today, various kinds of fire extinguishers exist in the market and apparently, for your car, you want a portable and compact model of car fire extinguisher. Generally, fire extinguishers are multi-purpose in nature and are categorized into class A, B or C. Category A fire extinguishers are used for fire accidents involving paper, wood, and cardboard. Category B fire extinguishers are used on agents like oil,  grease, and gasoline that are highly inflammable while Category C fire extinguishers are used for electricity propelled fire accidents. For your car, what you need is a car fire extinguisher that can be used on both category B and Category C kind of accidents. These kinds of extinguishers are called the B:C Mobile Fire Extinguishers. Making use of the wrong category of fire extinguisher can worsen the whole situation so much care should be taken when choosing. Be sure to be well informed of all the categories of fire extinguishers before settling for the best for you.  Fire extinguishers can be purchased at any local hardware store or home center close to you. Using a car fire extinguisher is very easy.  Once you acquaint yourself with the PASS acronym,  you are good to go.

P stands for pulling the pin.  This will unlock the extinguisher and make it ready for use.

A stands for aiming at the bottom of the fire and not the flames. If you want to extinguish a fire, you should start from the base to kill whatever propelled/is propelling it.

S stands for squeezing the extinguisher’s lever in a very slow motion. Doing this will enable a continuous flow of content which will eventually take out the fire.

S stands for swaying the fire extinguisher from side to side until the fire is totally out. Keep a safe distance from the fire while taking it out and as the fire abates,  move closer to cover the area that is left.

Lastly, be sure to study the car fire extinguisher instructions as different extinguishers have different operational use.