Did you know that some people truly buy League of Legends accounts? You might be wondering why you need to pay to get an account when you can actually get one at no cost. In reality, there are lots of reasons why people opt to buy an account instead of creating them on their own. So why do you have to pay to get a League of Legends account?

It is a quick alternative to levelling yourself

One of the most common reasons why players pay to get a League of Legends account is because of the faster time it takes the player in creating an account instead of levelling the account up on their own. At present, the XP is expected to get to level 30 at an approximate rate of 20,042. Normally, the game will generate 90XP per match without the inclusion of any booster packs. If you should calculate it mathematically, you will need about 90+ hours to get to level 30 if the normal match duration is approximately 25 minutes. From these assumptions, you would see that you need lots of hours in levelling your account instead of you concentrating on your ranked games.

At present, you can buy League of Legends accounts within the range of $26, and according to a statement made by a Goblin on World of Warcraft who said that “Time is Money Friend”, you can now see the reason for buying it due to the time saved.

You can take part in the game with Lower Rank Friends

Paying to get a League of Legends account will give you the invaluable opportunity of starting from the lowest level since all the accounts are ungrouped. If you are not satisfied with the result on your real account, then you can with ease try for a second time on a recent unranked account. If like all other players, you like playing this game with your pals, then you might opt to get a smurf account.

Definitely, no one will want to participate in a standard match if they don’t have the required ability or experience. When you pay to buy League of Legends accounts you can reset your rank level so as to be able to play with your friends who are in a particular skill level game.