Some refer to them asself-balancing boards,hoverboards, or accidents waiting to happen; no matter the name you call them, the use of these two-wheeled boards is limited. These hoverboards can’t soar or float, a la “Back to the Future Part II.” But, they operate by using wheels to move on the ground surface. It doesn’t sound great but the reality is that you will experience more fun riding them when compared to that of a skateboard, and they come in various color combinations, like a white hoverboard, blue hoverboard, etc.

They are industrially known as “self-balancing scooters.” The features and mode of operation of these scootersare similar to that of small Segways (apart from the handlebars) which works by you either leaning in a forward direction for the boards to move forward and leaning back to apply brake and reverse. While you are riding, your face is always in the forward direction and for you to move in any of your preferred direction, you perform clever movements with your feet, legs, and torso.

You have to keep on stepping on the board for you to move continuously. It has two pressure-sensitive footpads which allow you to have maximum control over the speed and steering. Because the hoverboards move immediately you step on it, mounting and dismounting could be difficult at first. And due to the fact that the board doesn’t have a handle for you to make yourself feel comfortable, balancing is a difficult thing to do – and you might easily fall off at the first attempt of using the board.

In reality, this is like a form of workout. And you exercise by using your core to keep yourself in a stable position and also have a feeling of burn in your calves and feet due to the fact that the muscles in those places aid your steering movement.

Why are they well-accepted?

Operating and controlling hoverboards can be a tough thing to do. But once you become a professional rider, it moves with you without applying much effort, stopping with ease and turning without any difficulty. When you ride one, it feels as if it is part of you, and you don’t need to apply any manual motion as it is applicable in that of skateboard or kick scooter. You can make them move at a top speed (most can speed at about 10 miles per 60mins), which makes them move faster than walking with legs. Though you can’t get them at a cheap rate, they are portable and more affordable when compared to that of a Segway (one cost at least $5,000), so you can get them at an affordable price, and easily store them for later use.