On purchasing a new iPhone device, you get a one-year warranty for the manufacturers. In addition to the one year warranty, be sure to be aware that it should include the battery service. So also, when you purchase the iPhone Apple Care protection plan, it is necessary that it includes the iPhone battery replacement service. It is important that you are aware that this additional protection plan and the Apple warranty does not in any way cover the repair of the iPhone repairs. Even if it the issue range from immersing or dropping the device in water to dissembling your device all by yourself. If your iPhone is serviced by an unauthorized repair personnel, the device will have voided the warranty.

In the tech community, one of the advised routes to getting your iPhone serviced is by utilizing the services of an iPhone related website. On visiting the website of your choice, opt for one of their repair plans and get your device across to them for examination. The repair will have to be authorized by you, after the repair you will get your device in a day or two depending on delivery constraints. One of the advantages of utilizing these online repair websites is that they ensure that all the data on your iPhone are not tampered with during or after the repair, unlike Apple.

Among all the factors to be considered as an iPhone owner, there is one you should give most of your attention to; Ask yourself if you want to keep the phone by replacing the battery or opting for a fresh model in the market. The fresh models in the market come with more features than the older versions so it is also not a bad choice to get a new model rather than getting iPhone battery service.

On getting a new iPhone the new battery comes with a one to ten years warranty depending on the battery and the repair service of use. If you need an iPhone battery replacement it is important that you decide if you are the type that admires the freshest trend in technology.