Heat pressing is one of the most common ways to print on t-shirts; you shouldn’t be surprised with the large numbers of presses that you can select from the market at this present time. Choosing from different options makes the decision a difficult one to make – if you select the wrong option, it will not only make you waste resources but might also make your growing business lose its reputation and integrity. So what are you going to check out for when you want to buy the standard heat press machine that meets your needs and specifications? Go through the best heat press reviews and buying directories on how to select the proper model for use.

There are 3 various designs of Heat presses: Clamshell, Swing-Away, and Draw. They are called this name due to the way the two plates shift in relation to one another. Let us first talk about the Clamshell.


They are referred to as Clamshell due to the fact that they are fixed together at one extreme area and the way it opens and closes is similar to that of calm.

Listed below are the benefits and difficulties associated with clamshell design:


– It is not difficult to use, great for novices.

– Movable and handy, can be easily setup outdoor at shops for live exhibition.

– It doesn’t occupy too much space when compared to that of Swing-Away types.

– It saves time due to the fact that you only need few steps for it to be fully operational.

– It has the ability to offer auto-open models for a large production of products.


– It is not suitable for thick clothes.

– You have to be very careful so that you won’t burn the material because you have to work under a source of heat when arranging the clothes.

– You don’t have a full visibility of the work area.

– Closing the plate can at times result in an unstable pressure against the cloth.

– You need a bit of energy to be able to either open or close the clamshell, and you might eventually lose lots of energy if you have lots of materials to do.

It is ideal for t-shirts, but it is quite difficult if you want to use on thicker clothes like hoodies, due to the fact that you need a lot of energy to close the clamshell and can result in the work getting slide over or shrinking if you aren’t cautious or the pressure isn’t regulated properly.